Therapy Modern Visual is an evolution of Orthoptics and has been practiced for optometrists from the 30s of passado.A orthotics century is just one of many therapies that are used in contemporary Visual Therapy. Learn more about this program to recover or improve vision.
Orthotics, literally straighten the eyes, is limited to eye exercises to address problems of coordination of the eyes, increasing the capacity of binocular fusion. Already the treatments used during Optometric Visual therapy go far beyond the limited scope of definition and orthotics for the treatment of disorders of the visual system, for the vision to be understood as a collaboration between the eyes and the brain.

The Visual Therapy is a program used to develop, restore or improve visual function and performance. The procedures carried out under the supervision of an optometrist, are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Usually it involves a weekly session in the office for a period of 30 to 45 minutes, where the patient will learn how your vision and carry out the most appropriate exercises to improve as well as daily sessions at home where the patient will practice what you have learned consultório.O the goal of Visual Therapy is to automate the visual process, not strengthen the eye muscles. It should not be equated with certain computerized eye exercises self-help often advertised on the internet programs.

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