Jorge Oculista Group began operations in 1964, founded by Alberto Jorge Moreira da Fonseca, in Santo Tirso. At an early stage of expansion, the group developed its economic activity mainly in the area of Vale do Ave, in cities like Santo Tirso, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Trofa and Barcelos. Later extended its line of business to cities like Braga, Viana do Castelo, Guimarães, Porto (among others), currently has a network organized in 20 different commercial spaces. Jorge Fonseca began operating in the optical industry as technical eye and for ten years he worked in the shop "Oculista Rock", which acquired widespread knowledge within the optical branch (while continuing his studies at night). Later you decide to open your own business, and then founded our current trade name: "Jorge Oculista". “ Meantime we have developed over the years, always with the concept of shop and street, with a wide range of highly personalized services. We had always in our history a counseling tradition and a very close relationship with our customers. "" It is very common to find people moving to our stores every day. We like the kind of relationship we have with our visitors. Allies the tradition of a highly personalized service, also have at your disposal an excellent range of products and services. "" in our stores you can find all major brands of glasses on the market. Thanks to the 20 stores that we have integrated into our group, have bargaining power with all our suppliers. we have a special relationship with all brands we sell. "

"Alberto Jorge Moreira da Fonseca"



Jorge Oculista group saw start business in the already distant year 1964 in Santo Tirso location. We were then located in a small store inserted in Parque D. Maria II, where our founder Jorge Fonseca was to inaugurate our first commercial space ...







The founder of the group "Jorge Optician" is Alberto Jorge Moreira da Fonseca. Jorge Fonseca starts in activity within the optical branch of the now distant 1953, when he was just 15 years (driven by a family owner of "Optician Rock" ...




We strive always and above all by a commercial offer high quality, targeted the legitimate interests and desires of our regular customers.Our main mission focuses so in an incessant and continuous search get the higher bosses ...




Jorge Oculista, as a socially responsible company, is committed to contribute to improving the lives of its customers and the community at large.Social responsibility is part of our strategy and focus to have a heavily involved in ...