The success achieved by Jorge Optician group is supported by our internal dynamics, which focuses primarily on the objective of improving power quality level of products and services we provide to our daily clientes.Temos service of our modern shops offices, properly equipped, with high-tech "tip" with a view to optimizing the realization of the various optometric examinations, counseling and optical prescription for that, we have also, in all kinds of equipment needed in order to carry out the most rigorous examination of adaptation to your lenses contact. We also have a rigorous and modern technical sector, specially trained and equipped, so that production and adjust their frames and lenses, they can always bring a bigger and better comfort, always against their true wishes and real needs.

Our main mission focuses so a relentless and ongoing quest to achieve the highest quality standards within our supply, both in terms of our wide range of products, still wants the strict quality control at the level of our various services . The rigor and experience that accustomed us to serve our customers allow us to offer a unique service in a market we know as anyone. We want to serve our customers the field of Ocular Optics, by increasing certain technical and scientific skills that allow and favor get the best and the most appropriate solution for each particular case.

These are some of our specialties: